Top 10+ Ways to save money AND the environment

We all read about ways that an individual can help the environment such as buying carbon offsets, driving less, recycling cans and bottles, etc. But there are many more ways that little changes in your every day life can affect the big picture if more people started doing them. I am going to attempt to list as many as I can think of here, with links that might be helpful, and I hope you will leave comments with your tips, and I will add them to the list. Here are the ways I think that small changes can make a big difference:

1. Replace the lightbulbs in your house with COMPACT FLUORESCENT LIGHTBULBS . Yes, they cost more than regular bulbs, but they use less electricity (saving you money on your utility bill) and they last around 10 years. Good for the environment and good on the wallet in the long term.

2. Bring reusable bags to the grocery store when you go shopping. This should be a no-brainer, but I still see people walking out of the store with 3, 4, 5 or more plastic and paper bags full of groceries. Do you really need that many extra bags at home? I know growing up my mom seemed to think that some day there would be a run on paper bags, so we had about 11,000 of them in the closet. You dont need that many of them! We use 4 canvas bags every time we go to the grocery store, and very rarely do we need an extra paper one. But if we do, it gets filled with paper recycling when we get home and goes out the door. Do you know how many plastic bags the world goes through? A good place to learn more and pick up some bags (and other cool stuff) is ReusableBags.com. Check them out!

3. Get the stuff you want used from other people that want to get rid of their stuff! CRAIGSLIST and FREECYCLE are great places to start looking for stuff you want..for FREE!

4. Use your local library. Seriously, use it. Your local library has music, movies, magazines, books and more that normally you would A. have to pay for and B. eventually throw into a landfill. Plus, you are already paying for it with your tax dollars, so you might as well actually get something for all the money you get taken out every week!

5. Buy it used! Both AMAZON and HALF have used CD’s, books, clothing, video games and much more that people are selling. Saving money while reducing packaging trash…a great idea.

6. I know you have heard it before…in the summer set the temperature in the your house a few degrees higher and in the winter set it a few degrees cooler. You wont notice the difference, but your wallet AND the environment will!

7. Get your car in for a checkup. An oil change and an air filter change will run you about $30. Well worth it if you consider that running your car with dirty oil and a dirty air filter is the equivalent of spending an extra $0.15 per mile. Over time, that can add up. Plus, your car runs cleaner, emitting less pollution. Go ahead, make an appointment!

8. Turn that faucet off! Yes, that one! The one you leave running while you brush your teeth, shave, talk on the phone, knit a sweater. So much water is wasted in this country you would think there was an endless supply. Well guess what, there isnt, and its going away faster than the acid rain can replace it. Just be aware of the amount of water you use, and please…there is no need to water your driveway, the neighbors car, your kids dog or the side of the house. Make sure your sprinklers are watering the actual plants and grass. Seriously, nothing will grow in the middle of the street, you don’t need to water it.

9. Participate in a town “clean-up” event. Near my house they have several “Clean the Beach” days where people can help to get rid of all the trash that the tourists leave on our beaches. Every little bit helps!

10. You know that $4.00 you spend every morning on a cup of black water at Starbucks? How about putting that water in a re-usable thermos or mug? So many paper and plastic cups get thrown away every day in the country it makes me ill. You already spend a fortune on coffee, pick up a mug for $5.00 and use it everyday. Just think how superior you will feel when you pass a trash can full of cups!

11. If you can…and I know it costs money…try to get a smaller car next time you go car shopping. Just a little smaller, please?

12. This is related to my earlier post about the UK OUTLAWING STANDBY BUTTONS . Seems everything in our houses is on standby about 75% of the time, just waiting for you to walk in from work and turn them all back on again. If you can put your electronics on power strips that you can turn off, you will save money on your utility bill AND require less electricity for your footprint..which helps the environment!

13. Finally, as my fingers are tired, THINK about your purchases before you splurge. Think about where your groceries come from…are they local foods are were they imported from New Zealand? The closer your food source is to home, the less gasoline and preservatives it needs to get to your store.

Anyone with more ideas, please leave them in the comments, and I will post them here along with a link to your blog or website (if you have one). I look forward to hearing your ideas!

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  1. […] 1. Brew your own coffee. Seriously, 3 bags of beans gets us through the month for a total of $20. Buying a cup every day would run about $4 for both of us, times 20 work days = $80 minimum per month. 2. Cut my own hair. Ok, so the teacher wife cant do this, but I can…I barely have any as it is! 3. Spend all your time blogging so you dont leave the house and spend money. 4. Put electronic equipment on (see this post) power strips. You would be amazed at how much juice your unused equipment uses. 5. Compact Fluorescent Lightbulbs…seriously, go get some. The power bill goes right down. 6. Use a movie service like NETFLIX..for $6.00 per month we get 2 rentals…considering that renting from the store is about $5.00 per movie, and the movie theater costs $30, this is quite a deal. Plus, you dont have to drive anywhere, which saves money on gas. 7. Buy fruit and vegetables at the local Farmer’s Market if you have one…its fresher AND cheaper. 8. Pay more than the minimum on your credit cards, auto loans, mortagages, etc…every little bit helps in the long term when you are paying interest. 9. Coupons….pretty self explantory, but sometimes they can save you a lot. 10. Reuse paper products..in case you didnt notice, there are 2 sides to every piece of paper. After we use the first side of our scrap paper around the house, we just turn it over, staple it together, and you have an entirely new notebook for jotting down other money saving ideas! 11. Take public transportation – if I take the bus to the other side of town, it costs me 50 cents. If I drove my car, it would cost me about $3.00 in gas PLUS parking. 12. Buy a BRITA or PUR water filter and attach it to your faucet. A one time expense of $20 gives us about 3 months of free filtered water, that most of the time you find is just as good as the bottled stuff you pay a fortune for. 13. Go to the library. I dont remember the last time I actually bought a book or magazine, I just borrow them all now. 14. Take your lunch to work. Both the wife and I take (well, I did when I had a job) our lunch to work every day. This saves a fortune as you could easily spend $20 each day between the two of us. 15. Buy generic aspirin, ibuprofen, etc…its the same stuff as the name brand! 16. If you must use a credit card, make sure you are getting something for using it other than interest charges. We have dividend and airline miles cards…so we always get SOMETHING back if we have to charge a big purchase. 17. That being said, if you are about to make an impulse purchase, put it down and wait 24 hours. If you still must have it, think about it for another 24. 18. Turn down the heat setting on your water heater..you wont notice the difference, but your wallet will. Why pay a fortune to heat a giant tank of water that you might not even use? 19. Get some exercise, it keeps you out of the doctor’s office and thus saves you money. 20. Send your significant other out to get another job while you stay home. Whoops, how did that one sneak in there? 21. Pay your bills online…saves time AND money. 22. Get your news from the internet and not newspapers – save money and trees 23. Sell all your old stuff on Craigslist, Ebay, Half.com or some other site..just because you dont want it doesnt mean someone else doesnt! 24. Get rid of some cable tv services…if not all of it. We tried to get rid of cable, but we couldnt even get reception in our house with an antenna. So we got rid of movie channels and their remote control. Savings of about $20 per month! 25. Lastly, dont quit your job like I did. While I made the right decision for us, it may not be right for you. Its hard to save money when you dont have any coming in! […]

  2. […] Top 10+ Ways to save money AND the environment We all read about ways that an individual can help… […]