Save money the easy way…spend it wisely!

Let’s face it…the reason you get up and go to work in the morning is to make money so you can then spend your money, right? I mean, some of you might love your jobs or do it for selfless reasons (aka my teacher wife), but we all go to work so we have money to spend on the things we want (or actually need). That being said, we are also supposed to save a percentage of our money so we can (insert reason here, whether to buy a house, retire, change jobs, etc). So, here is my big idea on how to save money by spending it, and at the same time help the environment: buy compact fluorescent lightbulbs. “You want me to go to work all day to buy lightbulbs? And this is supposed to help me save money?” Well, yes, I do. And here is why. When you replace all the lightbulbs in your house with compact fluorescent ones, you will cut your monthly utility bill. The more lightbulbs you change, the more money you can save. We just recently started changing all our our bulbs, and our monthly electric bill DOES go down, albeight slightly, on a monthly basis. Added up over the long term (these bulbs last 10+ years, compared to regular bulbs) that can add up to a lot of savings. You can learn more about them here:


At the same time you are saving money, you can be happy about the fact that you are putting less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. So go ahead…pick up some new lightbulbs, save some money on a monthly basis AND help the environment!

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