Thank you Citi for my $100 gas rebate form.

Thanks to reading the post about this over at Blueprint for Financial Prosperity back on Friday November 10th, and thanks to the fact that I have 2 of Citibank’s credit cards, I just received in the mail today my “Mail-In Gasoline Cash Back Certificate”. All I have to do is spend $100 on gas, save the receipts, and send them in before the end of they year to have Citi send me a check for the reimbursement. Of course, there were catches…

I had to sign up for their Credit Protection program, which charges me money each month depending on my balance, in order to protect me if I lost my job or somehow was not able to pay my bill. But I have 2 things going for me….one, I never carry a balance on those cards, ever; and two, I can cancel the plan after I submit my receipts.

Honestly, its hard for me to figure out why they do these promotions, there must be an awful lot of people that forget to cancel the service. Me? I put it on the calendar so I cannot forget.

If you want to try your hand at getting a Cash Back Certificate, Blueprint for Financial Prosperity has the links up on his site, and hopefully they still work.

Good luck, and thank you Citibank!

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  1. jim says:

    Hard to say no to $200 for no risk… even if you forget to cancel, it’s 85 cents per $100 balance which is zero cents if you don’t carry a balance.

  2. David says:

    Between Citi and Chase I have probably made about $300 this year just from trying things out. I cant complain, and thanks for pointing out the Citi one, I missed it.

  3. suspicious says:

    It’s 85 cents on the amount on your statement. Even if you don’t carry a balance, you still get charged. You need to pay off the amount before the statement day to avoid it.