Buy offers $4.95 2GB USB Thumb Drive – backup financial docs easily.

*Update- Its $9.95 now..but for a 2GB drive, thats still a deal. Personally, I think its the best way to back up stuff and take it with out at all times.

Ending today, over at buy.com, they have a 2GB USB thumb drive for only $4.95. The price is actually $50 with free shipping, but if you pay via Google Checkout the price drops to $30. ($20 discount on purchases $50 and over). Mail-in rebates of $20.05 and $5 cut the total price to $4.95.

And just what does this have to do with money? Well, obviously it saves you money. But, in my house we use these USB drives to store important documents: account numbers, bank names, copies of our drivers licenses and credit cards, insurance policies and any other important financial documents. Each of us has one with all the info on them, and there is even one in our fireproof safe in the house. That way, in case of an emergency, we each have all the financial info we need available right away without having to go dig through files and/or the computer. Trust me, its worth the peace of mind for $4.95.

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