Boost Your Own Paycheck – Steps You Can Take Now.

BankRate is running an interesting little article on ways to increase your paycheck. Most of these you might already know…in fact, I know you already know them. “Take Initiative”? “Be An Entrepreneur”? Come on, those are easy ones. Anyone who wants to make money knows you have to work at it. But maybe if you are at a crossroads in your career and not sure of some other steps you can take to increase your earning potential, you should check out the article. The basic 17 ideas they list are:

1. Network, network, network.
2. Expand your circle beyond the people who are most like you.
3. Realize that your new part-time job is looking for your next job.
4. Think globally.
5. Trash your old-fashioned resume.
6. Take the initiative.
7. Keep up.
8. Seek advancement at your current job.
9. Stand out.
10. Keep ahead of the game.
11. Become an expert.
12. Look for career opportunities that can’t be outsourced.
13. Realize that the only constant is change.
14. Have a life beyond the job.
15. Stay plugged in at work.
16. Those who can, teach.
17. Be an entrepreneur.

To read the entire article, click on over to BankRate and see what they have to say about each idea. Go ahead, don’t be afraid, your paycheck might depend on it!

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