Schools giving away $28,000 cars for perfect attendance…this is not right.

You know what I got if I had perfect attendance? Nothing. Thats right, nothing. I got to move on to the next grade and then graduate on time. But it seems thats not enough for teenagers today. This article over at NCTimes says:

“Sixteen-year-old Kaytie Christopherson was getting ready to do her homework on a Friday when she got a call that made a big improvement in her life: She had won a brand-new pickup truck for near-perfect school attendance.

And not just any truck, but a $28,000 Chevrolet Colorado crew cab, in red, with an MP3 player. Freedom comes standard.

“I take it everywhere. To work, school. I don’t know, anything I do, I have it out with me,” the high school junior said. “I pay attention to where I park it, though.”

Public schools commonly reward excellent attendance with movie tickets, gas vouchers and iPods. But some diligent students like Kaytie are now hitting the ultimate teenage jackpot for going to school: They have won cars or trucks.”

In high school, I was “given” my parents 1984 Pontiac Bonneville…sweet ride, right? The ladies were all over me in that car. (You dont believe me, do you? Didn’t think so.) But I had to pay for insurance, repairs, gasoline, and I had to drive my little brother anywhere he wanted to go. And now kids are getting brand new $28,000 trucks because they went to school? You are supposed to go to school! I keep thinking of that Chris Rock routine about things you are supposed to do and not be rewarded for; if you know it, then you understand.

Brand new cars for going to school…..I think its a sham and I dont think it is teaching these kids about dealing with money, like saving for what they want and then saving even more for emergencies. And no, I am not bitter. I just dont think spoiling kids with cars is a good idea, thats all. Anyone have any thoughts?

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  1. Flexo says:

    Yeah, it’s a little extreme. Sounds more like a way to indoctrinate young people with a certain vehicle brand early. Good opportunity for the dealerships. It’s not like they’re giving away a vehicle to every student with good attendance; it’s a drawing open to only those with good attendance.

    It’s not meant to teach kids about responsible handling of money, but parents of a winner can easily turn it into one for their son or daughter.

    So, I don’t really see a problem with it, but it’s mainly just a way for the dealership to get some press and make it sound like they’re doing a good thing by encouraging school attendance.

  2. david says:

    Oh I agree Flexo, I can see why the dealerships would want to do it, its a no brainer for them. But I think the main problem I have with it is that kids today are being handed everything instead of actually having to work for anything, thats my biggest concern. My wife is a teacher and you wouldnt believe the stuff that these kids get.

    As for parents teaching their kids, we can only hope that they do use this as a lesson…unfortunately, so many parents today are caught up in the whole “joneses” mentality that they might not.

    Thanks for the thoughts!