If you participated in the Citi $100 gas rebate, read these posts

So, you took up Citi’s offer to pay you back for $100 in gasoline, huh? And its getting close to the time to A. turn in your receipts and cancel your membership in the credit protector plan? I know I have a few more days before I have to cancel, and one more tank of gas to get before I send in my receipts. But…if you are about to cancel, you MUST read these two posts about the cancellation “process”…

First, Jim over at Blueprint for Financial Prosperity has a straight forward, this is what you will get when you call to cancel, along with the numbers to try. Thanks for the info Jim, I look forward to repeatedly saying “No” when they keep asking me to keep it.

And secondly, go check out Nick’s post about his experience with canceling over at Punny Money. With a title called “Cancel Citi Credit Protector, Get a Penguin?”, you just cannot go wrong. My favorite part of the post? See below:

“Citi: Okay, okay, here’s my absolute final offer if you keep your Citi Credit Protector coverage. All you have to do is say yes and I will send you the following: a $100,000 gift card, a $5,000 statement credit, six tickets to the 2007 Super Bowl, a lifetime supply of Swiss cheese, two dozen assorted figs, the original cast of Saturday Night Live, all twelve days of Christmas, a mint 1965 Ford Mustang, a solution to the War in Iraq, and a case of dill pickles.
Me: Can you make that a case of Gherkin pickles instead?
Citi: Gherkin? Yes! Gherkin! Absolutely! So you’ll be staying with Citi Credit Protector then?
Me: Eh, mmm, sorry, I’m allergic to figs. Just cancel the service, please.
Citi: Gyaaaaaaah. (Explodes.)”

Holy crap, thanks for the laugh Nick. And thanks to Jim for letting us all in on this offer, and for the reminder to cancel before they charge us for the program.

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  1. jim says:

    No problem, enjoy the free money… 🙂