Great Article: Avoid becoming the stressed-out overworked entrepeneur.

I came across this great article over at Escape From Cubicle Nationthat has some answers on how to not allow yourself to become too overworked when working on your own projects, including your blog. First, the general tips that Pamela had:

First: When you really love what you do, you don’t mind working hard. Life isn’t just about sitting around a pool sipping margaritas. I have worked since I was 12 and frankly enjoy it … but only when it is something that allows me to be creative and has an impact that I care about.

Second: You can design your business however you want. If you decide that you only want to work 30 hours a week, there is a way to set up a business to accommodate that. You may have to trade off other things like subject matter, target market, pay or control, but if a light work schedule is important to you, by all means design it into your business.

Third: There is a difference between working hard to build your business and running yourself into the ground, neglecting your family and your health. That reeks more of desperation and poor planning than entrepreneurial passion and exhilaration.

If you find yourself in this third category, here are some things that may help pull you back out (or avoid altogether, if you haven’t started up yet):

If you want to read the rest of her tips, you can find them over at Escape From Cubicle Nation. They include things such as:

Price your services appropriately
Schedule in time to work on your business
Don’t get too greedy
Don’t forget your family

This last one is key…I think we all need to remember that there may be others around us that are not thrilled with the fact that we are glued to the computer 24-7!

Original article: Escape From Cubicle Nation

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