Linkfest Pre-Christmas 2006 – Some of my favorite posts from this week.

Jeez, how did Christmas come around so damn quick this year? Didn’t we just do this? Time flies when you spend all your time on the internet.

These are some of the posts that caught my eye this week…if you don’t regularly read these blogs, make sure you do from now on, as they have a wealth (ha – pun intended – gotcha) of info for those of us concerned about our finances.

25 Rules to Grow Rich By #21: Auto Leases – The Simple Dollar lays it all out on the table about auto leases.

How to Protect Your Privacy in Three Easy Steps – Five Cent Nickel tells us how to protect our identity in this age of stolen laptops full of social security numbers.

The Two Best Ways to Insure Income for Life During Retirement -Free Money Finance wants you to make sure you have enough to live on when you are old and feeble!

Marriage and Money: Communication Is Key When It Comes to Managing Your Money Together – For those of you married, please read this post. Communication is the key to everything in a marriage, especially when it comes to money.

AdBrite Works! – And finally, as an added bonus, DINKS shows us all the money they are making from AdBrite…you can scoff if you wish, but that’s more than most people make from any of their online ventures!

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  1. James says:


    You clearly have superior post picking ability!

    Thanks for the reference!



  2. david says:

    Why thank you James! I had forgotten to add you to my blogroll and just did so, love your site!


    PS- Congrats on the AdBrite check….