Scam of the week – Would you buy this from this man?

I was reading this month’s Macworld Magazine (yes, I’m an Apple nerd) and at the end of the magazine is a section called Showcase, where all the ads are for the Apple retailers and the like. Wehosting companies, memory dealers, etc. Well, this little 1.5″ X 2″ black and white ad caught my eye because it was so small and the only non-color ad on the page. This is what it said:

MacBook Pro
15″ – $1,325 17″ – $2,095

“Due to the recent closing of a major Canadian Tech retailer, a limited number of 15″ and 17” MacBook Pros, priced well below wholesale will be available to the first to respond. These are new factory sealed units, and carry the full manufacturer warranty. They include the HOT Intel Core Duo Processor, and run Mac OS (US/Eng)

Act Fast! Don’t Get Shut Out!

Send check/money order to:


And that’s it. That’s all it said. I know there is a sucker born every minute, but come on..it looks like the ad was made in Word and then sent in to the publisher. In fact, I cannot believe that they actually printed it. Considering that these laptops normally go for $1,999 to $2,799, do people really fall for this crap?

Send a check or money order, no credit card, and I PROMISE I will send you a new MacBook Pro. Ok? And if he does indeed have these said Apple laptops, I am sure he was trying to clue us in when he said “HOT Core Duo”..they just fell off the back of a truck.

It always amazes me what people do to scam people, and it amazes me even more that people fall for it. I guarantee that SOMEONE sent him a money order and they are waiting anxiously for their laptop.

Jeez…if it sounds too good to be true, then it is. Want to save some money? Don’t fall for this crap. There is some financial advice everyone can use.

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