Can you guess the price of this dumpy house in Los Angeles?

From Curbed LA


I would say you are going to be amazed……..
but you aren’t……………
if you know anything about Los Angeles real estate.
I live here and even though I expected a figure near this……………..
I didn’t think it would be THIS figure………



Ok then….

And this is why I refuse to buy……

In this market…..

Here goes…..



Source: Curbed LA

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  1. Matt says:

    That’s insane! I guess it’s the land underneath the dump that has the value. There’s a lot of really small houses in our neighbourhood going for 400,000 and up just for their lots. They’re instantly torn down and a much much larger houses goes up. The small houses look so much quainter.

  2. david says:

    Yea, it most definitely is. This house is not even in a good area, so the land shouldn’t be worth that much either. Oh well. They passed a law here about “McMansions” so people cannot put giant houses on tiny lots anymore…