Car Buffs: Free PDF download of World of Cars 2006

If you are a car person, such as myself, this is pretty cool. Plus, it’s FREE! Over at The World of Cars, they have a free download of their 60MB pdf of the 2006 World of Cars guide. From the site:

“It is our pleasure to present to you the World of Cars. If you’re looking for a complete automotive directory, you come to the right place. Our catalogue is as far as we know the largest publication of it’s kind, in the world.

Spanning more than 400 pages, World of Cars contains information on 1500 automotive producers and thousands of vehicles from all over the world. It’s a complete compedium of current automotive products and companies, providing up-to-date information for the professional as well as making for an exciting read for all gearheads and tinkerers.

The catalogue is arranged in a clear and user friendly fashion, allowing you to quickly navigate between what companies are offering, historical and business notes on makers, prognosis and future plans, logotypes, as well as the companies’ contact information and websites. The catalogue also contains specific technical data on approximately 5000 vehicles produced in the recent years.”

So head on over to the World of Cars for the free PDF download, its pretty cool! If you don’t see the download link right away, its called “Happy Hours: Free Pdf”. Enjoy car lovers!

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