How to save money during the days AFTER Christmas and the holidays.

Ok, so the holidays are going to be over soon..and whether you like that or not, it’s going to happen and life will return to normal. But before it all settles down, how can you best spend some of your after-holiday dough? (that is, if you have any left!) By buying everything for the NEXT holiday season. I was in a big store today and saw some of their Christmas things were on sale already before the holiday is even over, so I know that in the days after the holidays, everything will be on sale at huge discounts. I mean, who needs Christmas lights in months January-October? So your best bet is to go to the stores like Target, grocery stores, drug stores and hardware stores in the days right after Christmas. What can you get at 50-80% off retail price (at least!) now so you don’t have to buy them next year?

Lights for your Christmas tree or house
Christmas cards
Holiday decorations
Plates, mugs, etc for your table
Chocolate (for you now, of course!)
Fake Snow
Santa Suits (better not eat too much of that chocolate)
Artificial Trees
Tree Stands
Tree Storage Bags
Wrapping paper
Nativity Figurines (if you are into that sort of thing)
Hanukkah decorations

I know you are going to be sick and tired of shopping..but it’s worth it to head out for a few hours, pick up some stuff for next year, and save yourself a bundle of money. So get ready for another round come the days after Christmas when the REAL bargains come out!

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  1. Matt says:

    That’s a pretty good suggestion (similar to getting Halloween candy a couple days after Halloween). Personally I’m going to enjoy a couple days of sitting around playing video games and doing a whole lot of nothing. We’ve been pretty stocked for Christmas for a couple years now.

  2. david says:

    I don’t blame you for that either, honestly I am tired of shopping but we might pick up some wrapping paper and Christmas cards so we don’t spend so much next year!

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