Free Get Out Of Debt Worksheet PDF Download

In a follow up to my post yesterday about a quick and easy budget worksheet (which was very simple but helpful nonetheless), over at The Motley Fool I have just come across a free pdf download of a “Get out of Debt” worksheet. I just downloaded it and took a look, it has sections about:

Good Debt
Bad Debt
Six Steps to Elimination
Reducing Interest Rates with a phone call
Avoiding Setbacks
Debt Triage

It is totally free and they don’t even ask you for your email address or anything. It looks to be pretty well put together, with all sorts of information on it. If you are having trouble with your debts, I highly recommend downloading it and taking a look. And no, before you ask, I am not getting paid to link to this or anything, I just thought it could be of some use to some people struggling with debt. You can get it at The Motley Fool.

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