How I saved $60 per month on my car insurance.

Seeing as how I am working from home now on various projects, I was not really using my car all that much. I mean, a few miles a week to run errands and some short trips, but thats about it. So I called up my insurance company, Wawanesa (which I mentioned in my post titled “I have found the perfect car insurance company and it’s name is”¦”) and asked if they had discount rates for people that barely drive. And sure enough, they did..its called “pleasure use only”, meaning I don’t even use the car for commuting. I am allowed 5,000 miles per year, which in my current usage I won’t even come close to hitting. The woman on the phone couldn’t give me an exact reduction as she was not in that department, but she said it would be reflected on my next statement. It showed up today and well, I am now saving $60 dollars per month, and all I had to do was call them up.

So, if you are not using your car that much, or you live in a city where you take public transportation a lot, it might benefit you to call your insurer and ask them if they offer such a reduction…this is going to save me about $700 per year!

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