Overpriced Crap o’ The Day – A Pen for $3,360.

Yep. A pen. You know, the ones that write. With ink and stuff. They do the same thing that pens you find on the street or in your office do, except these pens cost $3,360. Each. Not for a pack of 10,000, but each. If you seriously have enough money to start buying $3,360 pens, then either A. Call me and let’s chat or B. You are insane.


So yep, that’s it. How turned on are you now after seeing its gorgeous yet gaudy exterior? How about inside the pen, did you get to take a look to see if it is anything other than a Bic refill in there? Need more info to convince you?

In the greatest of artistic and technical accomplishment, and inspired by the powerful radiance of the antique temple pillars, this noble limited edition “The Temple of Artemis” writing instrument sits firmly in the hand of its owner as a unique work of art in and of itself. He who calls this precious fountain pen his own is not only holding a finely crafted and traditional Pelikan writing instrument but an artwork representation of another magnificent architectural wonder.


You can buy at it at Pelikan

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  1. ruthie says:

    hey! You forgot the link where I can buy such a fine writing utensil for myself! 😛

  2. david says:

    AHHHH I sure did! For those looking to buy this nice piece, I just added it to the post. Happy Shopping!

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