The Financial Resolutions We Hope To Meet This Year

While it is already a few days past January 1 and I should have maybe come up with this list back in December so I could have started on them right away, I was a bit tired from traveling to see family and I was away from this evil time sucking box people call the computer. So today I will list our resolutions that we want to get done this year in regards to our finances. Here goes:

  • My wife finishes her school in May, so starting in June she will be hopefully be working full time, which means a full time salary. Time to sack away the majority of this extra money, as we have been living off my wages plus her part time gig for years now, and we should not miss the extra money. This should put an extra $15,000 in the bank or so this year.
  • Pay off the only remaining credit card debt we have, which is about $6,000….however, this is borrowed from a 0% interest card and is making us money in our ING Direct account and is not true “debt” but rather a money making enterprise. The 0% interest expires in June, and then I will try to get involved in an even bigger balance transfer to our savings account from our CC that has a $32,000 limit and no balance.
  • Attempt to pay off the wife’s car a year early by throwing extra money at it, hopefully owning it free and clear before the end of the year.
  • Up my monthly deposits to the mutual funds we hold.
  • Be sure to fully contribute to my ROTH IRA. In 2006 I did not fully fund it as we had some surprise expenses. Hopefully this year will be different.
  • Expand my online adventures to incorporate another site along with this one and The Good Human , which I have been running since the beginning of last year. If you like environment/progressive politics, check it out, I enjoy writing for it.
  • Start paying for advertising for my new business I am starting involving DVD creation, photo restoration and the like. Been a total slacker on this front.
  • Try to keep from going back to working for the man. I wrote a post a while back about my experience with leaving my job without a backup plan titled Quit Your Job, Work at Home, Save Some Money, or What the Hell Was I Thinking?. If you are interested, check it out. Yes, it sounds insane and is not what most normal people do, and a lot of people told me how stupid I was. But it all worked out in the end.
  • Continue saving for a down payment for a house we will eventually buy when we leave California. Since there is no hope of buying where we want to live (where we rent now, by the beach) we will probably be moving this year somewhere more “normal”.
  • I think that’s it for now. I saw so many people listing their resolutions, I figured I would throw my thoughts in on this. Good luck to everyone on keeping their financial resolutions!

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