A Free Retirement Checkup from a Financial Advisor

For anyone looking for a quick checkup of their retirement planning to see if they are on track for the future, Kiplinger’s and NAPFA (National Association of Personal Finance Advisors) are having their 5th annual “Jump-Start Your Retirement Plan Days” on Tuesday January 16th and Friday January 26th, from 9am to 6pm eastern time. This event offers free retirement planning advice over the phone to anyone…they have financial planners just sitting around all day waiting to hear your questions and help you figure it all out. Pretty cool, no? Normally financial planning costs hundreds of dollars, but on these 2 days they will answer your questions for free.

The phone number is 888-919-2345 in case you want to try it out when the dates come up.

Just an FYI for all you out there that want to retire one day!

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