At least eight more reasons you need insurance for your home.

Living in California sure has its upsides, but one of the main downsides is the wildfires. Tonight was an example of how windy it gets here…a small brush fire by the beach spread in a few minutes to burn down at least 8 houses of this writing and damage at least 5 more since 5pm. It is now only 9 pm, 4 hours later, and the fires are still raging.


The people that own these homes are wealthy beyond wealthy, but money cannot buy everything. including safety from either Mother Nature or a flippant cig thrown from a car window.

If you do not have renters and/or homeowner’s insurance, sign up tomorrow. We have carried renter’s and earthquake for years and I would never….NEVER go without it. For a grand total of about $30 per month, we are covered for virtually anything except a nuclear site, and our coverage is for full replacement value (which you should also always get). We have been with State Farm and we have had no problems yet, knock on wood.

Go get some insurance and stop worrying about future damage. It really is piece of mind on this uncertain and indiscriminate earth.

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