Groggy Thursday Morning Money – More Coffee Please?

Man oh man, for some reason this morning I cannot get motivated to do anything. Well, I guess I am motivated enough to put this quick list together, but other than that, I cannot get moving. Three cups of coffee into this morning and still….ugh. But reading some of my favorite financial blogs this morning I came across 4 interesting articles.

First up, 2million – My Journey to Financial Freedom bites off another 0% Balance Transfer with Balance Transfer Fees and explains the math behind the decision.

Next is The Simple Dollar with yet another great post titled Why Income Inequality Matters: Motivation.

Blueprint for Financial Prosperity talks about the Dogs of the Dow investment picking strategy.

And finally, Five Cent Nickel informs us about Correcting Roth IRA Contribution Mistakes.

Now, can someone PLEASE bring me more coffee? I really need to get a move on, I am in the middle of a big editing project and I can’t seem to get motivated, even with my Dunkin Donuts monthly coffee delivery subscription we got from my brother for Christmas. Now THAT is what I call a gift!

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