Microsoft to give away Office 2007 Pro at parties.

According toDownload Squad you can get your hands on Office 2007 Pro for FREE by attending a launch party held by Microsoft. Kind of like attending a sales presentation on a condo in order to get your free weekend at the resort. But different.

As much as I enjoy using some of the office products, I am starting to use more open source products and finding them just as good as the “name brand” ones…and free. But anyways….

Download Squad says: “Microsoft is holding “ready for a new day” launch events all across the US to show off and let users experience how Microsoft Vista and the Microsoft Office 2007 applications will empower people. In these sessions, Microsoft will teach users about the software, and how it will simplify how people work together, how it protects and manages content, improves business, and reduces costs. So, if you can withstand a day with Microsoft showing off their products, they are going to give it away to you for free. Not a bad deal.”

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  1. is it really a good deal to have a new windows operating system right from the start? For my part, I prefer to wait a year until the biggest bucks are fixed. Besides I am really curious what google will throw on the market. Anyway, their shared docs are not bad either.