Your broken iPod versus the new iPhone.


Oh me oh my, what to do….you are sitting there at home with your broken iPod and wondering if you should just get the new iPhone instead, so you can have a phone AND an iPod in one unit. Sounds great, right? I mean, the thing sure does look nice..and seems to do everything, but at what price? How about $599. Yep, $599 and it holds no where near the same amount of music as your iPod does (unless you have a Nano) and you can only use the phone with Cingular. Oh, and there will be a 2 year contract required, probably no rebate knowing Apple, and it does not come out until June. Oh me oh my.

As much as I think this new phone is great, I still think an iPod by itself is much more useful. And if you happen to have a broken one that you don’t know what to do with, have no fear. There are companies out there that will either A. fix it for for for a minimal cost compared to buying a new one or B. buy it from you so at least you have SOMETHING to put down towards the new iPhone.

MethodShop will help you fix your iPod for FREE! Yep, free…they have a whole mess of tutorials that will walk you through fixing common problems like frozen systems and LCD damage. Check them out first before you spend any money!

iPodMechanic has a very easy to use website and they offer FREE UPS shipping and a free evaluation. They use genuine Apple parts and have a customer review page that actually seems like it was written by real people, unlike some other sites. They will also buy your old iPod if you are looking to sell it.

iPodMods says “Have our experienced technicians take a look at your broken iPod. We repair ALL iPod models: Liquid damage, sound problems, hard drive upgrades and issues, screen repairs, etc.”. Of course, you will not know how much it is going to cost to fix, but I bet it is cheaper than getting a new one, and the technical evaluation is free.

iPodResQ is another company that will fix your iPod for cheaper than the cost of buying a new one. They also sell replacement parts for simple do it yourself repairs and have speedy fix-it times if necessary.

So while it may be tempting to throw your old iPod in the trash, you might want to reconsider. $599 is a lot of money for a phone. Granted, its also a small iPod, but it is still a lot of money especially if you take into account that your iPod might be fixable. Before throwing down that credit card at Cingular, be sure the iPod you have is dead for good. It could save you a lot of money…and just think what you could do with $599! A vacation, fund your emergency account, take all your neighbors to dinner, take a ride in a hot air balloon, maybe even buy a small monkey!

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