Easy Ways to Save Yourself $400,000.

According to CNN/Money, here are some “easy” ways to save $400,000, without giving up the latte factor. This ought to be interesting:

Drive less expensive cars during your lifetime: $180,000 True, true, that could work. But that assumes you have been driving expensive cars to begin with.

Send your child to a public (not private) university: $164,000 I am all for this one, I think public college is the way to go. In fact most everyone I know went to public college and we all turnd owt fyne!

Cut vacation spending by $1,000 a year: $122,000 Interesting but I am not buying it. This is assuming you take a $1,000 plus vacation every year. It would be a lot easier to cut out the Starbucks like I previously mentioned; at least that is something most people do buy. So many people don’t even take vacation, never mind several at $1000 a pop.

While I can appreciate what is being said here, it is just not realistic for an average person making $35,000 a year trying to feed their family and such. This article assumes too much, like people just have $20,000 in cash laying around to buy a Honda and that they take $1,000 vacations every year. It takes more than just buying a cheaper car to save for retirement. It is the small stuff that adds up too, and that is where most people spend their money!

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  1. soundofgold says:

    Some no nonsense advice right there. Its truly incredible though how much money can one save by these simple, common sense measures.