Interested in Growing Your Own Diamond?

So you can’t really afford the diamond that your girl wants but you want to show you are ready to invest whatever it takes to get her to marry you..how about growing your own diamond? Would THAT make her happy? While you would not actually be
growing your own diamond, there is a new concept that basically calls your first diamond your “starter diamond” and then you can trade up as you make more money. Sure, other companies have offered trade-ins before, but you rarely get back your full purchase price.

Luxist says:

You’ve heard of a starter house, what about a starter diamond? Grow Your Own Diamond is a new concept that gives people the chance to buy a starter diamond and then, when they trade up, put the original full purchase price toward a new stone. In order to qualify the new diamond has to be bought within five years and worth at least 40 percent more than the original diamond. The concept comes from Jeff Cadby, a member of the London Diamond Bourse and Club. Interested people can buy online or in the store at the London Diamond Bourse and Club. All the diamonds are certified non-conflict diamonds.

I don’t know…I bought my wife’s diamond ring because I wanted her to have THAT diamond ring..not so I can trade it in every year for a bigger and better one. I saved up for over a year to buy her that ring, it means a lot to both her and myself. I am sure there will be plenty of people that will take advantage of this concept, but I do not really agree with it in principle. Thoughts?

(PS- Anyone know of a car trade up program? I figure in 5 short years I can be in a Ferrari.)

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