Monday Morning Money – Freezing Cold Weekend Edition

Man was it cold out this weekend here in “sunny” California. I know, I know, I have no room to complain. But I moved away from the east coast to get away from this stuff and it seems to have followed me 10 years after the fact. It is only 43 degrees here, which for us might as well be -10. And yes, I feel for you midwest and east coast….I know it is colder there. Only 9 more weeks of winter!

Here are some posts I found interesting this weekend from the world of personal finance sites:

Dawn at Frugal for Life has a great quote from MLK Jr. to remind us about what we should all be working towards.

Trent at The Simple Dollar explains to us his process for teaching his son the value and importance of money.

Jim at Blueprint for Financial Prosperity teaches us the work around for banks that do not want you playing the 0% balance transfer arbitrage game.

Mighty Bargain Hunter shows us how being disorganized costs you money.

And finally, The Digerati Life shares her experience dealing with something we all hate; trying to get money out of our insurance company.

Hope everyone had a great weekend and I look forward to what this week brings us all!

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