Possibly one of the most important personal finance posts I read today.

Trent over at The Simple Dollar always seems to come up with some great posts. He is a posting machine! I enjoy reading his blog every day, and today was no exception. One of his posts today is “Evaluating Your Expenses – Life Insurance” which should be required reading, especially for anyone with a family.

Like it or not, insurance is a necessary must-have for living in today’s world. Car, renter’s, earthquake, flood, life, etc insurance are things that you have to have. Remember that bad things can happen to anyone and you should have some sort of a safety net; that is where life insurance comes in.

My wife’s father passed away 2 months ago suddenly leaving the rest of her family without a breadwinner. This was quite a shock as he was in perfect health one day and gone the next. Thanks to his advance planning, his now widowed wife and younger son have the money they will need to not only get through the next couple of tough months, but also to allow them to stay in the house, pay for the expenses, and keep everything else almost the same as it was when he was bringing home the paychecks.

Be sure to read Trent’s post about life insurance; you just don’t know when you will need it. He offers valuable information about how much insurance you should get at different ages and life stages along with what type of insurance is best. Go check it out at The Simple Dollar.

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