My Thoughts On Keeping Personal Finances Personal.

After reading the post over at The Weight of Money titled “Keep Personal Finances Personal” I started thinking about what Donna said. Then I went and read through not only my last 20 posts or so, but also went through the latest posts on PFBlogs.org and PFBlogs.com to see what they looked like.

I think Donna is on to something here, in that personal finance is a “personal” issue, and a lot of people like to read real stories about real people dealing with their finances. After reading her post, I will certainly try to inject more “personal” finance issues rather than just tips on saving money and getting out of debt. I will not abandon those topics, as I think they are important, but I noticed after looking through my own blogroll that the sites I enjoy reading the most have a real person behind them, and you can see their personality in their writing. It is hard to come up with only personal info every day…I don’t think anybody is interested in seeing a list of things I spent all my money on every single day. But making sure to be personal most of the time is a good goal.

Here is to being putting the personal in personal finance in 2007!

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  1. Hear, hear! I agree. I’m pretty tired of some of the more popular PF sites citing articles they read somewhere or giving us a course in economics. I’m more for original content and good stories that we can apply to our own lives. Of course, I guess what is relevant depends on where you are financially too, but I think keeping it personal is key.

  2. David says:

    Yea, I decided to try to be a little more “personal” instead of just tip based, as there are a plethora of sites and links to just tips. That being said if I see anything I think people will find worthwhile, I will of course link to it. It’s more interesting to read people’s personality than just a link to some tips!