Free Yourself From Your Cable Bill.

Oh how I wish we could do this. We tried…we really did try. I went and bought a pretty expensive (well, more than $9) antenna, hooked it up, turned it on and….nothing. Snow. Static. Nothing. Seems that my building does not get good reception. I should have known since between our current cell phones, my wife’s old cell phone company and my old Blackberry company, none of them could manage to get any kind of a signal into our house. But I am tired of paying all this money to the cable company to watch the approximately 4.7 channels we watch. Anyways, I came across this post over at Money, Matter, and More Musings titled “This $9 Gadget Might Save You From Cable Bill” and it reminded me of our adventure in going “cable-free”.Even though it works for a lot of people, it did not for us. So go check out the article if you have been thinking of ditching your cable service.

I think the cable companies need to start offering a-la carte channels. I know they don’t because each channel on their own would cost a fortune, especially the really popular ones. Seems our cable bill subsidizes all the other channels we don’t watch, just so we can receive the ones we do want. TV should be free; its all covered in ads anyway, so they should at least pay my cable bill for me!

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  1. Daniel Sweet says:

    We dropped cable, but had to replace it with a monster ($100) antenna. We were living in a house where such antennas were against homeowner association rules. At least, if you could see them.

    After several days on the roof and some creative placement, we could watch TV, not pay $500 a year(!) for cable, and not get tagged by the HOA Gestapo.

    Any chance they’ll let you mount a big ‘ol antenna on top of the building if you let everyone else tap into it?


  2. david says:

    I wish they would let me, but they would not even let anyone put a satellite dish up there, never mind a regular antenna. Ugh. Glad you found a solution!

  3. Golbguru says:

    I am not sure how to do it, but sometimes, hanging a small metal grid (connected to your antenna/TV) outside your window helps better reception. Is it possible to do something like that? 🙂

  4. david says:

    I don’t know Golbguru, I am not sure they would like a big piece of metal hanging on the side of the building. Maybe I will just do it and wait for the wrath of my neighbors!

  5. Daniel Sweet says:

    You might also want to try the “use your electrical wiring as an antenna” devices. With a building that big, it just might work!


  6. David says:

    That’s a good idea Dan, I will look into that!