Blockbuster vs. Netflix: The Video By Mail Battle!

Any of you who have stopped by this site before might have read that I am, in fact, a Netflix subscriber. (Is there a 10 step program for that?). I have been a member for years and we enjoy our 1 at a time, unlimited subscription for about $12.00 per month. As long as we make sure to watch at least 3 movies a month, we are saving money over going to our local video store. I think we manage about 4 a month, so we are really saving some money over walking up to the store and renting a movie ourselves one at a time at $5.00 a pop.

That being said, I just received an offer to try out the Blockbuster online rental program for 2 weeks for free of charge. Since it was free, I signed up thinking I would compare the two services to see which is better for us. Immediately upon signing up, I was offered a free rental at my local store (5 blocks from my house) while I wait for my first video to be mailed to me. I printed out the coupon and went and rented a video. When I went back to the site to add movies to my list I noticed something; if you return the MAILED movies that arrive at your house to the store itself, you get another free movie in the store that day, and the next one on your online list still gets mailed to you. Wow! The one you rented in the store does not count against your monthly allotment either. So lets say I get 4 movies a month mailed to me and each time I get them I return them to the store instead of mailing them back myself. Blockbuster mails them back for me AND I get a rental from the store free of charge AND the next one on my list gets sent to me. I could end up watching 8 free movies a month for the same price I pay for my Netflix subscription for 4 movies.

Decisions decisions……

I guess the deciding factor would be if Blockbuster has the same hard to find movies that Netflix has, and how quickly the Blockbuster movies arrive at my house. Netflix normally takes 1-2 business days to get me a movie, which is a pretty quick turn around. However, if you live somewhere more rural, it might take longer. My mom tried it and it always took 3-4 days to get each movie, which was unacceptable to her, so she canceled. I am thinking of telling her to try the Blockbuster program as there is a store in her town. But like I said, Netflix seems to have almost every movie ever made on DVD, and even if there is a wait for certain popular movies, it is never that long. I will continue with my Netflix sunscription and my trial Blockbuster subscription to compare the two and I might end up changing if Blockbuster can keep up. More free movies every month for the same amount of money? I might be in!

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