Monday Morning Money – Spent Barely Anything This Weekend Edition

Well, its Monday…again. And even though it is the start of the work week again, I can feel good because this weekend my wife and I spent about a grand total of $30. Saturday we spent the day in South Pasadena and Chinatown all by taking public transportation (hard to do in Southern California) and Sunday we went hiking in the Santa Monica Mountains. We ate out once for very cheap in Pasadena and the rest of our meals we ate at home. I love not spending too much money, as we used to blow through cash on the weekends like cokeheads blow through….well…coke. Anyways, here are some personal finance articles that I found interesting this weekend:

2 Pennies Earned talks about consumer victory over the Gap.

Trent from The Simple Dollar is going to tell us about the ten books that have changed his life. I am looking forward to seeing what is in the list!

Lazy Man & Money wants to defeat that 10% compounding myth. Good explanation of your true compounding rate.

Five Cent Nickel wants to let students know that student loan rates could be dropping. Oh I hope so, my wife still has quite a bit left from school, but I won’t hold my breathe just yet.

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