Thursday Morning Money – Slow Day At Work Edition.

Boy is it going to be a slow day today at work. Good thing it is supposed to be real nice outside; maybe I will go for a walk down by the beach. Here are some posts I found to be of interest over the last couple of days:

Jim over at Blueprint for Financial Prosperity wonders aloud if anyone really wants to see his actual net worth in his posts from this point forward.

Trent at The Simple Dollar writes about evaluating your expenses for hobbies and entertainment in his ongoing series “31 Days To Fix Your Finances”.

Savvy Saver discovers that passive income is a misnomer after finding out that their new tenants prepaid for a year’s worth of rent up front..after they already bought the property.

Money, Matter & More Musings discusses the apparent lack of financial self control by graduate students.

ProBargainHunter discovers the joys of saving money…..by spending it on Compact Fluorescent Lightbulbs.

Happy Thursday!

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