Cool Plug In Alert – Book Burro Saves You Money While Book Shopping Online.

Buying textbooks is not fun, let me tell you. We spent $252 on my wife’s textbooks this semester, and that was cheaper than normal. But buying other books is fun and we do buy some books that we want to own. Most books we read we get from the library, both to save money and to help the environment by not putting more paper out there in the wild. Plus, most books we would have no interest in reading again. But sometimes, you just gotta buy a book.

That all being said, I found a Firefox and Flock plug-in called Book Burro that will compare the prices of books for you as you are shopping. After you install the plug in, if it senses you are shopping for a book, a drop down menu will let you compare that same book you are looking for at several different online retailers like Buy, Amazon, Half, Powells and the like. We used it to get the best prices on my wife’s textbooks, and they all happen to be at Half.com. But maybe newer “regular” books might be cheaper somewhere else.

So if you regularly search and buy books online, and you use Firefox (you are, right?), I recommend installing this plug-in. No, it is not a review or affiliate link; I just like it and it saves us money. Don’t you want to save money?

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