Tuesday Morning Money – Wife Started School Edition.

My wife is back in school now for her last semester, and I am a bachelor again. Yeah! Oops, I mean, I cannot wait for the semester to be over. She is so busy with work and school and homework that I often feel like a single gent. Except I am not and I know this. Anyways…just wanted to fill you in on a few sites/posts that caught my eye over the last couple of days. Enjoy!

Punny Money tells us the 5 ways to never be poor again. Great stuff, very basic, but so true.

Getting Green wants you to know about mutual funds, and what you should do before getting started with investing in them. Wish someone had told me years ago what to do!

Money, Matter & More Musings explains why mailing a letter cost $14.40 and was the true cost of being lazy. Been there, but not for scholarships. No one would have given me money back in the day.

Cents to Save got her old job back…after only a few days at the new one. That sure took some serious nerve to call back your old boss and ask for your job back!

DINKS has come up with a new business idea – Paid Protesting. Don’t know why I never thought of it!

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  1. Missy says:

    Yes, it did take a lot of nerve to call my former boss back, but I was so miserable that it was worth the risk of rejection.
    I am a happy girl now!!

  2. david says:

    So glad to hear it! I have never had to do that, but I imagine it was a difficult and humbling thing to do. Congrats!