Get Two Companion Airline Tickets for $134? Sold.

I just got an email from American Airlines (my airline of choice) offering 2 free companion tickets within the domestic U.S. for $134. I took some time to really dig around the information and went ahead and bought the membership to AATravelPerks to get our free tickets along with a bunch of other discounts that we could probably use sometime in the near future. But the real reason we bought it was for the free tickets. Both my family and my wife’s family live far far away…one in the midwest and one on the east coast. And flying back and forth all year for various occasions can get expensive. The last 2 flights we took to visit family cost us about $2000. But if we had this membership it only would have cost us $1000. That’s quite a big savings over the average cost of $500 per person per flight and I decided that $134 was a worthwhile investment to save way more in the long run.

The other discounts they give you are for rental cars, flower delivery (Valentine’s Day is a-coming), hotel stays and park and ride coupons at the airport. Personally I think it is a no-brainer for anyone that has to travel with a partner several times a year. If you want to check it out, you can go to AATravelPerks and see for yourself. And no, it is not an affiliate link or anything, I just thought it was a great deal you might want to look into if you had not heard of it.

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