Da’ Bears Go Down Easy, I Keep My Money, Wife Is Not Happy.


So, the Indianapolis Colts have walked away with the Super Bowl as many expected. My poor wife is still sitting in the other room trying to grasp what just happened to her beloved Bears. 20 years they have waited to get back in the game, and they blew it big time. Watching their quarterback play was like watching the pop warner kids in my hometown when I was young. How exactly do these guys get paid so much to be so bad?

What does this have to do with personal finance? Nothing, really, unless you count the fact that I DIDN’T bet on the Bears as a friend wanted me to. HA, I kept my money in my wallet!

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  1. Missy says:

    Congratulations on keeping your money. Now you buy something nice for you wife to help her through this difficult time:)

  2. david says:

    I know, I owe her big time!