Favorite Blog Wednesday – Seeing A Blueprint.


I decided to start a new weekly feature here at My Two Dollars called “Favorite Blog Wednesday”. In this series I will take a look at a bunch of personal finance blogs that A. Inspired me to start writing my own personal finance site and B. You should hopefully be reading already.

If you are already reading these blogs, then you are ahead of the game. These sites are not to be missed. If you came here from a search engine or are just starting to read personal finance blogs, then this is a good place to start.

The first site to be featured is Blueprint for Financial Responsibility. For me, this was the first personal finance site that I came across a while ago that was actually personal. I felt like there was a person behind the writing; each post had something more than CLICK HERE TO GET OUT OF DEBT which too often one comes across in looking for advice on their finances. Jim covers a lot of ground on his site, from credit card usage to tips on tax issues to saving for retirement.

Some suggested reads:

0% Credit Card Arbitrage
Paying off Credit Cards With Home Equity
Devil’s Advocate Posts like Don’t Just Buy Index Funds

If you do not already read Blueprint for Financial Responsibility, I would suggest you at least add it to your RSS reader if you don’t have time to go look through the site. There is a wealth of information here dating back for quite some time, and I am sure you will find something interesting that relates to your situation. Also, from his site I found a number of other great personal finance sites when I was just getting started following the world of personal finance blogs. I am sure some of them will be highlighted here in this weekly feature at some point.

I will continue this feature weekly for quite some time, as there are a tremendous amount of well written blogs to cover. Unless, of course, no one wants to read them and then….well…too bad, it would be like any other day here at My Two Dollars!

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  1. jim says:

    Thanks for including me in your favorite blog wednesday series, I’m really happy you enjoy the blog, esp. the personal side. If yo ever have any suggestions of stuff you want to see or stuff you think you’re seeing too much of, shoot me an email! 🙂


  2. david says:

    Sure thing Jim, just wanted to give some link love to those that inspired me and keep me going!

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