Attack Of The Killer Carnivals – Save For Your Life!


Dorky, yes. But it still made me laugh, so tough.

Anyways, seems that today was a big Carnival day with the 74th Carnival of Debt Reduction going up over at Blogging Away Debt, and the 87th Carnival of Personal Finance making a showing over at 2million – My Journey to Financial Freedom.

My post “Living Below Your Means – What It Really Means To Me” was selected as a highlight at the Carnival of Debt Reduction and “The difference between them and us when it comes to money” was included at the Carnival of Personal Finance.

If you haven’t taken a looksie, head on over to both carnivals and check out all the posts. Be ready though, there is a lot of information there!

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  1. Tricia says:

    Thank you for mentioning the Carnival of Debt Reduction and thank you for your participation! 🙂