Possible Solution To Getting Rid Of My Car Dilemma.


I think we have found the solution to the getting rid of my car dilemma.

We were speaking with a neighbor this past weekend that drives a Vespa as his only vehicle. He is kind of like myself in that he works from home or locally and his wife still owns a perfectly good late model car. She commutes to work daily, while he is left with only his scooter. He was telling us all about it and how it costs him about $120 per year for insurance and about $4 a month in gasoline. And I would be using it even less because he has to drive to work on it, while I work only from home. That means I could still have complete mobility to meet friends for lunch or dinner, still pick up stuff at stores that are a little further away than I could walk to, and not feel like I was trapped at my house waiting for my wife to come home with the car.

These scooters usually range from $2,000 all the way up to $7,000 or so, and I found a cool one from Vespa that is about $2,900 new. So I am sure I could get one used for much less. While the guys on real motorcycles will probably not want me to join their gangs, I am confident that they will not laugh too hard at me.

I guess trading off a car that costs us over $700 a month for a scooter that would run us about $14 a month (we would pay cash for the scooter up front, no sense in financing such a small amount) would be a huge savings. Shoot, for that much extra money a month I could take an additional day off a week and only work 4 day weeks. Except I wouldn’t, as putting another $700 a month into our retirement or savings account would pay off BIG TIME in the future.

Now I guess the next step is for my wife and I to come to grips with the fact that we should sell our Mini. It only has 9,800 miles on it and we love it, but the fact is that it sits unused for 90% of the time. We have talked about keeping it and selling my wife’s car, but she loves her car and does not feel comfortable driving the Mini daily. Plus, we are planning on starting a family soon, and a Mini is not exactly a proper baby transporting system. Also, her car is paid off, meaning we would not have a car payment at all then. Total for transportation costs between the two of us per month would be about $160 for gasoline and insurance for both vehicles. Plus, it would be one less car polluting the environment! That is not bad at all. Thoughts? Experiences with scooters? Any comments are more than welcome!

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  1. Tim says:

    i love vespas. the only thing to factor in is weather and roads. sucks riding in rain and can’t ride in snow. if you have secondary roads or city streets, then that is great; however, if you are freeway/highway areas to get around, then scooter ain’t gonna cut it. don’t forget to get a helmet. i’d opt for a larger vespa with built in storage. 90% non-use is definitely time to get rid of the car. it’s like anything else, if you don’t use it get rid of it. we habitually go through stuff, like clothes, every six months and get rid of crap we do not wear or use.

  2. You might want to think about putting some of those savings toward life insurance. 😉 You never can tell when a Humvee might roll over the top of you. Actually, even a Civic would pretty much end your day on that thing.

  3. david says:

    While a civic or humvee would most definitely hurt just a tad, where I live and where I would be going is a pretty small town. It is busy, yes, but still small. And I would not be using the freeways. Besides, I ride my bike everywhere around here and even on that I almost get taken out. I suppose I could pick up a little more life insurance, sure…:-)

    And Tim, I live in SoCal so I would not have any snow at all and about 3 inches of rain per year.All the streets here are side streets (small community) anyway, so I can avoid highways. And even if I couldnt, I sure as hell wouldn’t take this thing on them!

  4. Tim says:

    i’d jump on it then, david, but as i said before, i’d get one with built in storage comparments.

  5. david says:

    For sure Tim, I would like to put my helmet somewhere when I need to go in a store…and maybe even bring some groceries home with me without having to ride one-handed!

    We are close to making the final decision and I just received my brochures from Vespa and Piaggio, so will let everyone know!

  6. Clever Dude says:

    If we worked closer to my place of work (which can change at any time since I’m a contractor) or my wife’s (which is 20 miles away) or in the city (DC), then we could do this too. Right now we have 3 cars (1 paid off), and we use the old one about 4000 miles per year.

  7. David says:

    Thats the advantage we have CleverDude, is that I work at home and the wife commutes about 15 miles. For me, I don’t really need a car as I can walk or bus or bike most places. The scooter would just get me a little further, and I can pick up a used one for less than $800. Plus, there is a FlexCar right down the street I can use for doctor’s appts or whatever!

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