Citi MasterCard Annual Account Summary.

Just yesterday I received my Citi MasterCard annual account summary in the mail and wow, it is surprising what how the charges add up! Since this is my AA miles card, we do charge a lot of things to it, but somewhere in the middle of last year we got a Citi Dividends card so a lot of the charges we normally would have put on the mileage card went to that card so we could get the maximum cash back. And so far it is working nicely, I enjoy getting $50 checks every couple of months or so.

As for this annual report, there were some interesting items listed and I thought I would share some of the expenses we charged last year. For all of 2006, we charged a total of $14,894 to this miles card. Hmmm, I don’t remember charging that much, lets take a look…

Air Travel – $4,288 – There were 11 plane tickets bought in 2006 on this card alone. I used to travel internationally for work until I quit my job to do what I am doing now. But last year we had two deaths in our family as well, so we had to buy last minute tickets as well. Even so, I don’t think $4,200 is that much, considering a handful of them were reimbursed expenses.

Restaurants – We must have used the dividends card for dining out, as we only charged $93 for eating out. Guess we went hungry last year.

Services – This category is rather strange, as some of the things listed here are not “services” but rather just plain purchases. The Apple store is not a service, its a store. And we spent $413 in there. Overall in services we spent $1,660, which includes some classes I took locally and our moving expenses from last February. (Which, by the way, is money well spent. I moved myself for years and years and now refuse to do it anymore. It is worth the extra expense)

Merchandise – This category was the big winner with $3,482 charged. Things in here range from some random part at Radio Shack to my wife picking up some new duds at Macy’s. I also notice some purchases at the iTunes store, and while I HATE DRM, I enjoy buying my music in download format as it means less packaging and plastic in the environment. And clutter in our house!

There are some other categories as well, like auto related, charities, health care (which really is just expenses at CVS or whatever) Also, our down payment on the Mini was put on this card to get a big chunk of airline miles…oh Mini, do we really have to get rid of you?

Anyways, just thought I would share some details of our annual report….seems every card should do this, but I know that Chase charges you for it, which is just ridiculous. Thanks Citi!

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