Damn It’s Cold Here, Anyone Got An Extra Jacket?

Honestly, I am not sure any amount of money could make me move back to the east coast…I am here visiting family for a long weekend and it is freezing outside. I forgot how cold it can get; how do you east coasters do it? I grew up here and you would think that I would be ok with it, but it only reminds my why I left. Of course, that is until my wife makes us move to Chicago to be near her family, and then it won’t be money making me move to the cold, it will be my wife. But it is still friggin cold here and I am not sure I could do this again…

Just wanted to remind everyone that the blog was not going quiet and I would be back around soon next week. Also, look for another great surprise blog guest host on Monday. See you later!

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  1. chris says:

    the only thing that keeps me going in Chicago is the eventuallity that it will be warm and glorious.

  2. david says:

    That is exactly what I would need to do Chris, some kind of hopeful motivation!