Carnival Of Personal Finance #90 Goes Big Time.


Mapgirl’s Fiscal Challenge has put up the Carnival of Personal Finance #90 this morning, and it is obvious a lot of time went in to her categorization! This week’s posts are divided into categories as follows:

#1) The Big Top Carnival – represents my editor’s picks.
#2) Intermission – blatant publicity for two good blogs but stuff I might normally reject
#3) Balance Transfer Booth – a natural grouping of posts
#4) Carnival Sideshow One – articles I liked a lot but not quite ready for the Big Top
#5) The Parking Lot – another natural grouping of posts
#6) Carnival Sideshow Two – all the rest of accepted articles.

So, needless to say, there are a lot of posts to check out. I was lucky enough to have my post “Finding Out Your Parents Financial Situation Can Be Stressful..” included in The Big Top, thanks Mapgirl!

Some of the other posts that I found of great interest are –

Wise Bread tells us how to survive and thrive in a job we hate. However, I would have to add that no job is worth being unhappy about and unhappy employees should look for new work!

Money, Matter and More Musings considers the question “Who is the richest of them all?”.

Free Money Finance wants us to think about the total compensation when considering job offers. I work from home so being able to do that is a HUGE add on to my salary!.

Grad Money Matters has an interview with Trent from The Simple Dollar, Jim from Blueprint for Financial Prosperity and J. D. from Get Rich Slowly.


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