Festival of Frugality #64 Is A Ticket To Savings.


Getting Green was lucky enough to host this week’s Festival of Frugality…#64 to be exact. This weeks posts are divided into four categories: Home & Family, Buying & Selling, Business, and Miscellaneous. My post “Buying On Sale Does Not Save You Money!” was included in the Buying & Selling category.

Some other posts of great interest:

Money Smart Life wants us to know how to do the shopping cart slalom while shopping with our spouses.

Queercents wants to find out how many leisurely things can you do without spending money?

And lastly…

Personal Finance Advice does not want you to trade in your stuff. Rather, you should look for other ways to make money off your goods!

Be sure to tune in for next week’s Festival of Frugality hosted over at…..Festival of Frugality!

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