Stop The Financial Leakage!

Real Simple has a bunch of cool tips on their site titled “20 ways to plug hidden financial leaks “” and save up to $3000 a year”. Let’s take a look at a few…

The Leak: Paying bills by snail mail. – Haven’t done this in years now, so I guess I stopped up that leak. At $.39 each, Real Simple says paying bills by mail can cost $70 per year.

The Leak: Subscribing for cable TV, Internet access, and phone service from three different providers. – Well, we are close on this one. I have DSL and phone from Verizon and cable from Time Warner. If Time Warner brought their cable modem price down, I would probably switch over.

The Leak: A cell-phone plan that doesn’t match your needs. – We are thinking of reducing our plan because now that I work from home full time, I don’t really use my cellphone all that much, it just sits here on the desk. Think we really need to consider this in the next month or so.

The Leak: Letting the water run. – As concerned as we are about the environment, we are careful that we watch our water usage. So I guess we have taken care of this one as well….even though we don’t pay for water!

You can see the rest of the tips at Real Simple . There are some interesting ideas over there!

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  3. Susanna says:

    As wired as I am, I admit I still pay bills by snail mail. I’ve come up with a routine for paying bills and I’m afraid if I change it we’ll end up in trouble.

    The first year we were married I tried an online bill-paying service. We had terrible trouble with bills not getting to the service, emails not getting to me in time, etc. And not all of the bills were paid online, just some, so it was a chaotic mess and we ended up incurring some hefty fees from missed payments and bounced checks.

    I canceled the online service and came up with a new system that involves putting the bills in a shoebox and sitting down each payday to write checks. I may be wasting the stamp money, but at least all my bills are paid and paid on time. The amount I save in fees and interest is well worth it to me.

  4. david says:

    Sorry to hear you have not had success with online bill paying Susanna..we have been paying everything online for years with no problems. However, I do hear you that things could definitely go wrong and we hope they never do!

  5. FlyBird says:

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