Spending Money To Save Even More Money.

Over at Kottke.org there is an interesting post on how companies are asking us to spend money in order to benefit different charities. His example is the RED campaign at The Gap, which gives money to stop HIV/AIDS in Africa for each dollar you spend on their RED items. Kottke’s point is “if The Gap really cared about stopping HIV/AIDS in Africa, they would just donate the $7.8 million they spend on (RED) advertising to the Clinton Foundation”. Seems fair to me!

The article also discusses how banks and credit cards are using this to their advantage as well by encouraging you to spend money in order to save money. Personally, I actually like the Bank of America Keep The Change program as we don’t buy more than we normally would anyway and have the added benefit of $50+ put in our savings account monthly because of it, and we don’t miss the money at all. But to each his own! Go check out the post at Kottke.org.

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