And The Winners Are…..

You, the people of the personal finance world, have spoken…and you want to let everyone know that you are here to save them. At least, that is what your choice in television programs says about you as a group. Seems most people that responded have something in them that makes them want to be the hero, the good guy, the one who is here to help..

Coming in first place is 24, a show about saving….Never quite sure what, but Jack is always trying to save something or somebody.

Coming in second place is Heroes, which admittedly I have not ever watched, but keep hearing great things about. And I do know that is is in fact about heroes…

Coming in third place is House. Yep, more saving, the doctor syndrome.

Coming in fourth place is Lost…hmm, what could this mean? I started off loving this show, and I still watch every week, but I am getting kind of irritated with it, as I don’t think the writers even know what they are doing anymore. It is nowhere as interesting as the first and second season were.

And rounding out the top five shows chosen by those of you poking around the personal finance world is…..

#5, The Office. That boss, Michael, was my boss at my last job. Do you blame me for quitting now?

See what I mean about heroes and being the good guy?

Thanks to everyone that sent in their favorites. There are a lot more TV shows that were sent in, but I wanted to stick to the Top 5. I appreciate you all taking the time to fill out the poll!

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  1. Quang says:

    ah man I totally forgot about ‘Heroes’ that show rocks! Yeah I have to agree with you about Lost… i’m not sure if they are telling us too much or too little…

    ‘The Black Donnelly’s is a good new show, it’s very Godfather-ish