Festival of Frugality #65 Is Back Home Again.


This week’s Festival of Frugality, number 65 to be exact, is being held over at….The Festival of Frugality! Yep, the festival has found it’s way home again with a bunch of posts ready to save you some money. My post about stopping the financial leakage was included this week, along with a plethora of other posts. You should definitely go read them all, but if you don’t have time right now, just check these out and go back later for the rest:

Free Money Finance wants you to eat your greens to save some money. I couldn’t agree more, greens are cheap and they keep you healthy!

The Frugal Duchess shops for organics at a food Co-op and saves herself some dough.

Money, Matter & More Musings offers up ways to watch movies on the cheap. We use the Netflix method, what do you use?

And finally, Wise Bread has some tips on following a budget without causing too much pain. Very valuable tips here that won’t make you cry!

Be sure to check out next week’s Festival of Frugality being held at The Frugal Duchess!

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  1. Thanks for the mentions (post and the future festival note)

    Great carnival photo! Take Care