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The sixth personal finance site in my series “Favorite Blog Wednesday” is My Open Wallet, which is “about how much money I make, what I spend it on, how much I save, how I budget, my home-buying experiences, my financial goals and ambitions, my thoughts on class and what it means to be rich or poor, and anything else that relates to money.” Well then, how is that for being honest! I have been following My Open Wallet for a while now, and the honesty is refreshing in this age of the internet where everyone can hide behind a screen name. It is not often that people openly discuss their real finances lest they be judged by others, but My Open Wallet lets it all out in the open!

Madame X, as she is called, has a set of 15 money rules to live by on her site, and within each rule she outlines how and why she came to that decision on that rule. Some of the rules are #1. Credit card use, #7: Now or Later?, and #13: Know Thyself. You can find the complete set of rules on the left hand side of her site, and they all make for interesting reading, including all the comments that people left for each one.

Because of My Open Wallet’s honesty, a lot of the posts are very interesting because people are always curious what individuals do with their money, as we like to compare ourselves to others. Also, her writing is usually pretty funny, which always makes for a good read. To get you started and give you a feeling for the site, I can recommend the following posts for your first foray into My Open Wallet:

Expensive Things I Won’t Be Buying.

Analysis Freak Strikes Again.

Customer Service Story.

I am sure you will find a lot of stuff at My Open Wallet to keep you busy for a while, but be sure to stay tuned for blog #7 next Wednesday!

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  1. Madame X says:

    Thanks for the mention!