Selling One Car This Weekend, Keeping The Mini.

So we have made a decision. In reference to previous posts about getting rid of one of our cars, we have decided to sell my wife’s car and keep my Mini that I rarely drive anyway. She has taken the Mini to work this morning, and I will be taking her car over to the detailer to have it cleaned up. Lucky for us, we already sold it to a friend of ours, so that part of the headache is over. We decided to keep the newer car even if it costs us more per month as A. we like it more than her car, B. it is still fully covered under warranty, and C. well, it is a Mini. Most fun car I have ever owned, even better than my 2 Audi’s I had back in the day and my GTI.

Overall we will be saving about $375 – $400 per month, factoring in what was left of her car payments, her insurance, and her parking. Not a small amount, by any means, but not as much as we would have saved on the Mini. But still, we can afford both cars as it is right now, so getting rid of one will only help us put away even more money towards more important things like retirement. Plus, it will free us of any maintenance expenses that might have come along with her car, since her warranty expired as of the end of last year.

I am pretty happy about it, but kind of weirded out at the same time being car-less in Los Angeles. But since I work from home, rarely go anywhere I cannot bike or walk to, and plan on picking up a Vespa or something like it for longer trips, I think we will be fine. I told her to be careful with my car this morning and she said “you are not going to tell me that every morning, are you?” 🙂 I said no, of course not. Not EVERY morning…just some of them. I am car buff and I have always taken such great care of the cars I have owned that it is weird to hand over the keys to someone else…even if the someone else is my wife. But still….

Saving $375-$400 per month is no small feat and it will certainly add up over the course of time. Just thought I would share.

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  1. Clever Dude says:

    Your headline caught me because I was just talking with Nick from Punny Money about how I can convince my wife to sell one of our vehicles (Honda Ridgeline or Chevy Malibu). Either would save us a chunk of change, but the Ridgeline is a third of our non-home debt.

    Ultimately, my wife wants a Mini, and has wanted one for years now. I’m going to tell her that if we sell my truck AND her car, then we can get her a Mini (and I would drive her old Pontiac).

  2. David says:

    Thanks for stopping by. Really, the Mini is the greatest car we have ever owned, and getting rid of it would have been really hard. Thus, we are getting rid of the wife’s 2003 Toyota.

    If you already have 1 old car paid for, selling the other two would put you in a nice Mini!

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  4. ~Dawn says:

    Have you considered of that 375-400 dollars, putting away 1/3-1/2 of it each month toward any repairs on the mini?
    Just a thought.

  5. david says:

    We are going to continue paying the car bill as we were, but putting in the savings account instead. Repairs on the Mini are paid for for the first 4 years (including everything) so no worries there. but that extra money every month is going to add up!

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