Thinking Of Going Hybrid? Now Might Be The Time.

If you have been contemplating purchasing a hybrid car, now might be the time, at least according to Edmunds.com.  While we are in the process of getting rid of one car altogether, with gas prices going up and tax incentives going down, if we were buying a car, we would definitely go hybrid.  But for now, my hybrid will be my feet or my bike.  From CNNMoney:

Once a given manufacturer sells more than 60,000 credit-eligible
vehicles, tax credits for that company’s vehicles start being reduced
and ultimately eliminated….For example, because Toyota is past the sales limit, the tax credit
for purchasing a Prius has dropped to $1,575, from $3,150 in September
2006. Next month, it will be halved again, to $787.50.

Better get moving if you want to save a little money on your hybrid purchase!

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