Carnival Of Personal Finance #92 Comes Cruising Along.


This morning, Lazy Man and Money has put together the 92nd Carnival of Personal Finance, and it looks to be a doozy.  Part one of my series about buying a new car was included and there were a ton of other interesting reads. A few particularly I enjoyed:

Consumerism Commentary wants you to know the real cost of owning a home.  Be sure to read this if you think it is only the mortgage you have to worry about.

Blueprint for Financial Prosperity has an interesting discussion up about the three tiers of furniture quality.  Although he disses IKEA a bit, I think they are a smart choice for those just starting out and/or are very interested in being environmentally conscious. IKEA does it’s best to be pro-environment, so that along means I should buy furniture there. We do have a few pieces in our house (the real wood ones) and they have lasted a while…but Jim is right in that they definitely do not last as long as higher end furniture. But the price is right for those looking for a good deal!

Blunt Money wants to tell you something….secret….about budgeting.

Be sure to check out all the posts as there were a lot this week, and thanks to Lazy Man and Money for putting it all together. Next week’s Carnival will be over at Tired but Happy, so be sure to look for it!

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